🕐 Sat Oct 31 11:11:29 2020

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers’s post The /now Page Movement . The purpose of this page is to share what I’m currently focussed on, and will be updated as things change.

This is both for longer-lived interests/ideals and shorter-lived “what I’m currently doing”.

What topics do I love ? ❤️

  • Technology
  • Socialism
  • Food
  • Art

What are my beliefs and ideals?

  • Simplicity and Minimalism
  • I believe technology is one of the most powerful tools to solve most problems.
  • I believe the world is not fair, and equal opportunity is a myth but we must strive to build an equal society.
  • I reject all kinds of discrimination and I am against “essentialism” especially when applied to humans.
  • I believe artists make this life worth living and also pave the way for the future. I aspire to be one among them.

What are my interests?

  • Developer Experience
  • Blogging
  • Frontend Technologies
  • GNU/Linux
  • Free Software Movement
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Socio-economic justice
  • Organising teams that succeed
  • Software Testing
  • Automation
  • Economics
  • Visual Arts
  • Decentralisation
  • Self-hosting services
  • Tech Meetups

What am I up to right now?

  • I’m a software consultant at ThoughtWorks , currently working to build a platform for OTTO ’s marketplace.
  • I’m actively blogging, and sharing content around my interests above. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram .
  • Learning to build an interpreter using this book . I love the way it’s going and I’d highly recommend if you are even slightly interested in topics around Computer Science.
  • Reading Why I'm Not a Hindu by Kancha Illaiah Shepherd.
  • I love socialising with people playing board games, so hit me up if you are into Settlers of Catan , Risk , Scotland Yard or help me discover something new.

My current workstation setup

Programming Languages -> javascript python clojure

EDITOR -> <code>neovim</code> with .vimrc

SHELL -> <code>zsh</code> with zsh-for-humans

CONFIG -> dotfiles

What am I planning to do soon?

aka backlog

  • Computer Science Basics
  • Deep dive javascript
  • System Design
  • Get better at Functional Programming
  • Deep dive socialism
  • Learn the violin