🕐 Sat Oct 31 11:11:29 2020

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers’s post The /now Page Movement. The purpose of this page is to share what I’m currently focussed on, and will be updated as things change.

This is both for longer-lived interests/ideals and shorter-lived “what I’m currently doing”.

What topics do I love ? ❤️

  • Technology
  • Socialism
  • Food
  • Art

What are my beliefs and ideals?

  • Simplicity and Minimalism - Keep it simple honey !
  • I believe technology is one of the most powerful tools to solve most problems.
  • I believe the world is not fair, and equal opportunity is a myth. I strive to bridge these gaps in society.
  • I reject all kinds of discrimination.
  • I believe artists make this life worth living and also pave the way for the future. I aspire to be one among them.

What are my interests?

  • Developer Experience
  • Blogging
  • Frontend Technologies
  • GNU/Linux
  • Free Software Movement
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Socio-economic justice
  • Organising teams that succeed
  • Software Testing
  • Automation
  • Economics
  • Visual Arts
  • Decentralisation
  • Self-hosting services
  • Tech Meetups

What am I up to right now?

  • I’m a software consultant at ThoughtWorks, currently working to build a platform for OTTO’s marketplace.
  • I’m actively blogging, and sharing content around my interests above. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Working on improving developer experience for Bob-CD
  • I love socialising with people playing board games, so hit me up if you are into Settlers of Catan, Risk, Scotland Yard or help me discover something new.

My current workstation setup

Programming Languages -> javascript python clojure

EDITOR -> neovim with .vimrc

SHELL -> zsh with zsh-for-humans

CONFIG -> dotfiles

What am I planning to do soon?

aka backlog

  • System Design
  • Get better at Functional Programming
  • Deep dive javascript
  • Learn about Spring
  • Deep dive socialism
  • Learn the violin